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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Feb 20 - Steven Update

Well, Steven has felt terrible for the past few days. Fatigue, upper respiratory and sinus problems, sleeping 16+ hours a day. They actually think he's probably caught a cold/flu given that they can't find a bacterial infection. We're hoping that's all it is.

His most recent marrow biopsy shows a significant increase in blast cells over two weeks ago. This was expected at some point, but they had hoped it would take longer so they could give him a break from chemo. I haven't expressly heard a decision, but I presume they plan another course of chemo as soon as he feels better.

So far the donor search hasn't gone too well. There are still a couple of unknowns, but several potential donors have been crossed off as not an appropriate match. We, of course, hope for better luck with the still unknown potentials. If there is no true match, they apparently begin considering less than perfect matches.

You know all I do.

Hope everyone is well, David

posted by Lydia for Dr. David Rutledge


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