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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

New Pink Room Info

Steve was moved into another room this week, also pink. Slight improvement because of the window placement. No view, but a bit more light. Bathroom even smaller and the closet is half the size of the last one (which was miniscule) plus he has no shelf now, so he is very, very limited on what personal effects he can have. He is sending things home. He's basically down to a few DVDs, one photo and five books, all stacked one on top of the other on the VCR player, some underwear and three shirts for the day he feels he can give up the hospital gown.

All the intestinal upsets still there. Steve is pretty miserable from that. Eating very little because of the difficulty keeping food down. They say this can't get better until his counts come up, so very much hoping that comes soon.

The infection he developed last week seems to be under control. I don't think he has had fevers the last couple of days. He was taken out of his room and off the floor today for the first time since going back into the hospital. He went for a CT scan to see if there are any tumors that might have developed. Those results should come in tomorrow. Steve's general weakness and the pain medications are causing some confusion in his reports to us, so Lisa and I are looking forward to speaking with the doctor in the next day or two. We are wondering if the target date of April 21 for his counts to return will hold. We are also hoping we can get him out of the hospital for a week before the next round of chemo.

It is now four and a half months since we first found out what was so wrong with Steve. Hard to believe. All but two and a half weeks of that were spent in the hospital. Think I would be stark raving mad in his shoes.


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