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Monday, April 28, 2008

Home Sweet Home, briefly

Steve was finally able to leave the hospital late last Thursday. I picked up Lisa and we went to transplant class, then went downstairs to pick up Steve. Of course they weren't prepared to let him go once again, so we waited some more.

He is staying in Fort Worth with me until Friday when he checks back into the hospital. Although we are traipsing back to the hospital in Dallas every single day for meds and transfusions. Saturday May 3 they start the last round of chemo, three different drugs. That is the day the countdown to the transplant starts. Transplant Day is May 9.

Although Steve feels pretty bad (that lovely sense of humor gone momentarily), in a meeting with the doctor the other day, he said that one good thing which sort of surprises the team is that Steve's organs are in reasonably good shape after all the chemotherapy he has had. The heart, which was weakened by the first round, seems to have repaired itself and is functioning well enough for the moment. The kidneys are functioning well again, and although they are watching the liver, the counts seem to have improved when they switched some drugs around.

I just wanted to let everyone who wanted to visit Steve know that he will be back in the hospital, the Collins Building at Baylor, on Friday May 2.

Still wanting to put a pound or two back on him in preparation for this next adventure. Just need to find some foods that don't make him barf.


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