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Thursday, July 17, 2008

In and Out

Steve is back out of the hospital. Eight days this time. They finally pulled his IV-line the day before he left, but didn't replace it. They gave him platelets every day so that they could install a new line, but the IV team just never showed up and Steve was insisting to go home. We shall see how it goes at the clinic today with multiple "sticks".

Here are photos from a few days ago. Still bald and missing most of his eyebrows.
This is what happens to Steve's feet when his kidney function isn't so great. They are back down to skinny now, and this is nothing compared to the bout he had a few weeks after his transplant.
His stepfather Paul came to visit this past week-end with his wife Betsy. They arrived bearing Neuhaus dark chocolate and a bag of books for Steve. He and Betsy are both Sci-Fi fans. A big celebration dinner had been planned at Steve's favorite Italian restaurant, but since Steve was in the hospital, it is postponed for a month or two.

Betsy is trying to block the light that was bouncing off Steve's shiny pate.

Lisa has an operation scheduled for today. Sending her all best wishes for an easy time of it.


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