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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A report on nearing three months post transplant

Steve still isn't able to post because of problems with his eyes, probably a chemo hangover. He has felt a bit better this last week since Dr. Agura downsized some of his medications. He got the throwing up under control and was steadier on his feet.

Last Friday, Steve had his almost 90 day bone marrow biopsy. Preliminary results today showed a very small percentage of blast cells again. Although they are not showing up in his blood and his marrow still reads 100% donor genetics. First round of treatment is to reduce still further his anti-rejection drugs. The transplanted stem cells work as an anti leukemia drug in this case. Steve will possibly see some graft host disease problems, usually rashes, digestive problems and nausea.

They took a second blood draw today to do a fractional chimera (chimera due to his double DNA) test to pinpoint which of the cells are showing the problems. We hope to have further more detailed results on Friday.


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