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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Ordeal Continues - Day 11

Steven is feeling really sick today. They haven't gotten the bronchial infection under control so he is having fevers. Nothing has grown in the cultures yet. Throwing up, and with that horribly sore mouth and throat, it's not fun.

His platelets were 6, way low, so he got a couple of bags. They were worried about a fall or a cut. They don't even want him to use clippers on his fingernails at this point.

We were trying to get a picture for the blog last night, when he was feeling a bit better. It got quite funny, but here are a couple Steven took with his laptop. The laptop angle is never the most flattering shall we say, but you can see by the way he is holding his mouth that it is swollen and painful. In the background you see his tower with all the "stuff" they are filling him with constantly.

He is wearing reading glasses to see these days. He thinks it's the chemo. Might just be his age.

Steven still enjoys visits from his friends and can still laugh. But please observe health precautions. Not more than two people in the room at a time. Clean clothes or wear a gown of which there are plenty provided outside his door. Wash hands when you arrive on the floor, then use the antibacterial foam at his door. Stay well back, no touching. And if you are sick or have been exposed, this is not the time to visit. Infections are his worst enemy at the moment. Viral, fungal and bacterial. Thanks.

If you call, you will find he has a bit of trouble speaking clearly because of the mouth sores.


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