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Monday, September 1, 2008

The Ordeal Continues

The chemo round is proceding. Started finally late Friday, that makes three of the five days treatments already given. Steven is having headaches and quite high blood pressure which is of concern. Strangely since one of the drugs is actually supposed to lower blood pressure. They are giving new drugs for that and have doubled his regular heart medication, too.

One really frightening thing about chemotherapy is that once it is set in motion, there is no way to stop the action of it as it progresses for days and weeks after the last dose is given. We haven't seen Dr. Agura since the move to 6 Roberts. Dr. Fay has been checking in on rounds, and perhaps it will be someone else with the new month. Not sure.

The IV nurse had made quite a large incision when they put in his lines. It is bleeding some and too open, which of course invites infection. It was really bothering Steven until we got some ice packs on it, which gave some relief.

The blast level was 14% Tuesday, 29% Wednesday and 53% Thursday before they finally got the chemo started on Friday.

Steven is still in good humor, taking some walks and having visitors, although he is starting to seem more tired. He calculated that he had spent every single birthday, holiday and celebration of this past year in the hospital.


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