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Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Day Wasted

Thank goodness Steven was finally moved to the cancer floor about 10 tonight. He is in room 631 in the Roberts Bldg. The new phone number is: 214.818.7681

The floor he was on was terrible. It took them an hour to respond to a call. They left in his platelet bags long after they were empty and his blood washed back up into the bag. The IV team never got the lines in so that they could start the chemo. It was a completely wasted day of great anxiety. Steven is ready to get on with it and at the rate the leukemia is coming back in, it can only have gotten worse. Totally frustrating. In an entire day, the only treatment he got was two bags of platelets.

Here's hoping that his platelets will still be high enough to install the lines in the morning and they will get this show on the road.

Steven said he absolutely can't bear to eat hospital food anymore. At least in the new room he has a DVD player and a fridge. Several friends and family came to visit which made the day pass a little easier. Steven actually sounds quite hearty. He said he can't believe he is so sick because he doesn't feel that bad.


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