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Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Ordeal Continues - Day 13

Steven was moved today to the ICU on the Bone Marrow Transplant floor in Collins. Probably not a good situation for visits. Nothing has changed much from yesterday, they just want to keep him under closer supervision. It is a relief for us as we know they take very good care of him there.

David was there for the move. They sent a transport guy who had a cold, but came in the room with no mask, gown or gloves and started handling things. David told him to put on all the above and he still didn't, sort of laughed. David told him he was dead serious so he finally masked up. By the time he got to the elevator, the mask was off again. David was furious at the stupidity of it all.

The Bone Marrow Donor Bank has requested proof that they have the leukemia in remission before they will request the donor work-up. So I suppose they will have to do another bone marrow biopsy, then wait for the results, then wait to send it in. The week-end is upon us. So it looks like a 3 week delay in starting the donor work-up. I could scream!!!! Headed to the hospital now.


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